The Misadventures of Buddy Jones

The Misadventures of Buddy Jones was published in Oct. 2018. In April it was awarded an eLit award for Humor. 9780991215454_cov(5)

Buddy Jones is a redneck baby boomer, from Middleberg MO, a fictitious hamlet south of St Louis. He’s an alcoholic, a liar, a misogynist and a bigot; and yes, he’s a Donald Trump supporter. Buddy sets out for Atlanta to visit his estranged daughter, April, whom he has not seen for twenty-five years. On his journey, he meets an African American exterminator, a Sikh waiter, a Mexican hotel clerk, and a big momma bus driver, but not the white America that he prefers. When he arrives in Atlanta, he finds out that April has married a black man, and there is a party that night to celebrate their union. Buddy delivers a drunken speech and offends the audience with his racist jokes. He gets in a fight and suffers a cardiac arrest followed by a near-death experience. He becomes romantically involved with an ICU nurse who helps him through his illness. There is hope that he has turned his life around, but the red stain is not that easily removed from Buddy’s red neck.


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